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Who knew talking to people was so hard ?

Pitching is an integral part of your brand growth and success. However so many of our buyers and industry contacts tell us time and time again how bad many of the pitches are they see and hear.   We can help you change this and deliver an engaging and relevant pitch to retailers and investors.

How we help

  • We help you create the framework for a pitch presentation
  • We help you identify your hero product
  • We make sure to deliver your killers points
  • We help you match your product benefits to retailers needs
  • We train you to deliver the pitch itself.

This whole process means at the end you will not only have a truly exceptional visual pitch but your delivery will be confident, relevant and engaging.


“Your pitch was one of the best I’ve seen… It was an easy decision to stock the products.”– Senior buyer, leading UK retailer

We promise:-

  • No complicated jargon just great advice
  • No unrealistic goals and targets
  • To work with you to grow your brand

  • Start a conversation

    If you’d like to discuss how Primo Distribution could work with you, please call us on 01943 666768 or email claire@primodistribution.co.uk

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builder of brands

HI I am Claire CEO of Primo. For the last 10 years I have worked with brands like your to help them develop and grow into strong & successful brands. I work with you to give you the tools to grow your own brand.