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Are you a brand looking to grow ?

We’ve built strong distribution relationships with the buyers at leading UK retailers including Boots, Superdrug and Tesco.

If you have an existing brand and are looking for a mass-market distributor, we have an impressive track record of distributing products through beauty retailers in the UK.

We’ll create an unbeatable proposition for your brands

We deliver a great pitch at both introduction & growth stages, proving to retailers that we know their shoppers, know your products, and know how to deliver sales. We work hard to understand our consumer and to track their interests – though surveys, focus groups, social media and direct selling online.

We know the right beauty buyers

We build personal relationships with  buyers at the UK’s top beauty retailers. And since they only ever deal with our senior people, they get fast access to all the information, support & decisions they need.

We offer superb support

  • Personalised, proactive retailer account management
  • In-store support (such as promotional campaigns, bundles and gift boxes)
  • Out-of-store support (such as beauty blogger reviews, participation in beauty boxes)
  • Product samples for head-office staff, store personnel and shoppers
  • Regular reviews with buyers, with a view to boosting sales and increasing shelf space
  • Effective distribution logistics and administration.

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