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We understand what buyers want and need from a brand

We have worked with major UK retailers & buyers for years

We work with you to understand your goals & category growth requirements.

Shoppers love our products, and retailers like working with us, too. We have a strong track record which proves we can grow your category while making your life easier.

All of our products are easy-to-try indulgences which quickly become regular buys. They’re safe, affordable, honest & fun. Many include desirable ingredients which were previously only available at the top end of the market.

Great reasons for retailers to work with us

  1. We can help you grow your category
  2. You’ll only deal with our senior people, who respond & make decisions quickly
  3. We work hard to track shoppers’ tastes and competitor performance
  4. We’re always coming up with new products, promotions & ideas
  5. We are nice, yes really nice.

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If you’re interested in exploring a relationship with the Primo Distribution, please call us on 01943 666768 or email