What’s a brand story & why do you need one?

Many people think this is just the history of your brand, but your brand story is so much more.  A brand story is taking your customer on a journey  that tells them a personal story about you, how you created your brand and what you believe in.

A good brand story is a narrative that highlights the facts and feelings that your brand represents. It’s designed to create an emotional reaction and is at the heart of the rapport you build with your customers. Many things influence a brand from your product and quality to your values and most importantly what people say about you.

You can’t control everything about your brand story as people can comment on the multitude of social media platforms but you can lead it.  By being authentic to your values and being clear on your mission you’ll build emotional engagement.

Share your Story

If you started out your business as a side hustle working from your kitchen table each night after work, tell your customers. If you couldn’t find the product you wanted and decided to make it yourself,  tell your customers.    Include anecdotes, share your successes and your failures. Be personal and real so the reader feels like they connect with you.

Every great brand story has a heart, a purpose and a dream that became a reality.

Make the customer feel important

Brand story is about your customer and the values that they experience when engaging with your brand.Tell the customer why you care about them and what steps you take to give them the best product, service and experiences. Make them feel empowered and validated in their choice to buy from you. In developing a rapport with them they will return to your site again and again.

Be consistent

Once you have shared your values and story and have figured out your self-identity, you must stay true to this and remain consistent.

Build your story from the ground up,  showing people and sharing how your business is changing and growing.  This isn’t about selling yourself, its about explaining why you make the decisions you make and what your company stands for.

Remember your branding story is ongoing and by engaging the customer they are interested to read your next chapter.

Listen to your audience

Finding the right demographic for your brand is the next step. Really get to know your customers, find out their values, what drives them and approach them in a human way. The ability to reach out to your customers and make them feel you are aligned with their personal goals and beliefs is powerful.   Look at your past activity and see what resonated with your audience, how are people engaging with your brand? Listen to what they say and react to give them more of what they like.

Be human, be real

Be a brand that feels real, reachable and achievable. Have a voice people recognise and like. Kindness, honesty and being real are key to any brand story……