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We’re looking for private label products

Are you a lab or manufacturer looking to white label an innovative new skincare or haircare product you’ve developed?

Do you create brands that are Organic or Vegan or Halal ?

Do you have recyclable packing ?

Whether you're in the UK or elsewhere, we’d love to talk to you.

We have a highly successful track record of distributing skincare products through leading UK retailers like Tesco, Boots and Superdrug.

We can connect labs with leading retail skincare buyers

We can introduce skincare ranges to some of the UK’s top retail buyers. We work very hard to deliver an unmissable proposition and  an unbeatable experience for both our retailers and their customers

We’ve proven our abilities

Our track record in skincare product distribution speaks for itself.

We know our consumer

We know exactly who our target consumer is. This means we can reach the right consumers quickly and effectively, thereby also meeting our retailers’ objectives.

What we offer labs

We offer skincare & haircare manufacturers all of the sales and marketing support you need to make your formulae and white-labelled products a success, such as:

  • Sales through leading retailers
  • Experience, Insight and expertise to help you launch your brand
  • A high-quality distribution relationship with effective logistics
  • Fantastic retailer account management
  • Great packaging design for maximum shelf appeal
  • Promotional, bundling, gift pack and beauty-box campaigns
  • Superb POS support
  • Access to key beauty bloggers for independent third-party reviews.

What we’re looking for

  • White label, private label or custom formula development opportunities
  • Wherever possible, exclusivity or ownership of formulae
  • Effective skincare & haircare products
  • Innovation
  • Vegan, halal or organic products
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Naturally sourced products that have credible ingredients
  • On-trend ingredients including popular minerals and botanicals
  • Environmentally friendly formulae

Start a conversation

If you’d like to talk us, please call us on 01943 666767 or email