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Highlighting our success as a brand partner.

Our case studies show how we’ve created success stories for both retailers and brands. We've helped some of Britain’s biggest retailers to grow their categories, and created new markets for global brands.

Retail case study 1: The UK’s biggest retailer

    • This top supermarket began by taking 5 products across its main estate stores.
    • Sales rose 20% in 1st year and they added a further product in stores.
    • We conduct our own monthly sales reviews to help their buyers to manage their range. When the sales of one SKU began to dip, we quickly swapped it for another – instantly boosting sales.
    • For the 6th SKU, we carefully chose a product which would appeal to the supermarket’s shoppers: in its first week, it performed brilliantly.
    • Amazing results - a 6 year relationship, developing brand loyalty & regular SKU range updates to bring new exciting products to customers

Distribution case study 1: Freeman Beauty

  • We secured exclusive UK distribution rights for this US skincare business (they were previously unrepresented in the UK)
  • After 5 years, we became one of their top-selling European countries.
  • We’ve introduced their products to leading UK retailers including Boots, Tesco, Superdrug, Sainsbury's and TJ Hughes, and we sell via our own website.
  • We work hard on in-store promotions, national PR and social media.
  • Year-on-year sales are growing with all of our retailers.

“Efficient and effective… [they have] successfully launched and raised new brands in the mass market in UK in a short period of time.”

Retail case study 2: Launching a brand online

  • A new brand with no online presence wanted to launch a website.
  • Within 2 years they had an established online web shop.
  • The website won 4 industry awards for design and customer service.
  • We developed an online business that exceeded all targets and grew 150% in the first 3 years.
  • The website is now live in 14 different countries.

“You’ve been great to work with, and your understanding of the consumer and what motivates them has been evident.”

Retail case study 3: The UK's pharmacy chain

  • This leading high-street retailer wanted to grow their footcare category.
  • We searched for a brand to fit this need.
  • We did extensive research into their own and competitor sales, and proved that we could do better.
  • We found the right brand, suggested a SKU line up and launched the brand instore.
  • Amazing results - category growth, new customers to fixture, more choice for the customer and a happy brand.
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